What are Progressive Web Apps? Why do You Need One?

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We all are aware of web applications and how they work. However, very few of us know of Progressive Web Apps and why they are a hot topic of discussion today.

The Progressive Web Application is just another feather in the cap of mobile applications and can be rightly called the future of mobile web application.

Until now, you have to download a certain application from either Google Play or App Store which can push notifications and set an icon on the home screen. But what if we tell you that you can get the same (or even better) experience on your mobile browser?

Are you wondering, how?

With the help of Progressive Web Applications, you can make it happen. You can push notifications. It brings a difference between traditional apps and web apps, and utilize applications without depending on an app store.

What is Progressive Web Application?


Okay, so it sounds all great in the head, but what exactly is a progressive web app?

Let’s have a look at Wikipedia’s definition

Progressive Web Applications are a type of mobile app delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They are intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser.

A Progressive Web App is a new tool that uses novel web capabilities to offer an app-like user experience. These apps allow users to access the web app in a similar way to the native app store in your mobile browser. It does so by fixing new web APIs and unique design concepts to the browser for high-end user experience. It brings a secure connection for anyone to access on the web with latest and standard technologies.

The best part about using Progressive Web Application is that it can work smoothly in an unstable connection as well as in the absence of an internet connection. Wondering how does it happen? Let’s understand it more –

The Basics of Progressive Web Application

Service Workers

The service worker is an incredible technology behind the functionality of Progressive Web Application. It brings unique features to the table, including offline mode, push notifications, background content updates, and content caching.

As the name suggests, a service worker is a type of worker script that works in the background separated from the native app. It responds according to the network connection, connectivity changes, as well as notifications.

You can consider service workers equivalent to JavaScript that runs in the background and keeps a rain check on the network and mobile fluctuations to write different codes in order to give you an uninterrupted service. Currently, it is available with Android on Chrome 50.

App Shell

An App shell is a simple design as compared to the service worker. This concept initializes a load of a mobile web application to generate a basic shell of an app UI whereby the content of the application is loaded afterwards. On the contrary to the service worker, which keeps the cache data, an app shell provides a distinction between the app UI and content. A distinction between both results in improved performance and usability of the app.

Why Do You Need a Progressive Web Application?

It is quite obvious for you to wonder what great can happen with a progressive web app when native apps can be installed so quickly. Here are some of the benefits of considering one-

Offline Mode

The most significant advantage offered by the Progressive Web Application is its offline mode. You know how frustrating it can get when the internet shuts down abruptly due to network issues. On the other hand, the Progressive Web Application is self-contained, which enables users to access the application without an internet connection. Thus, it increases user engagement and availability.

With offline mode, you don’t have to worry about your last access because the app automatically saves it at your end so that you can continue at any moment. Apart from this, you can also customize an offline page with interesting features to keep your users engaged. For example, you can include different product services of your business in the offline mode for customer satisfaction.

Better Performance

Believe it or not, a Progressive Web Application offers better performance than a native application. The reason behind it is the newest technology, including service worker and app shell, which saves caches, texts, images, stylesheets, and contents on the website. It benefits user experience eventually improved performance.

App-like Experience

Another benefit of a Progressive Web Application is its app-like experience on your browser. These application’s designs are in such a way to provide you with the feel of a native application and full functionality on the browser. . Many of the mobile application developers work singularly on developing a Progressive Web Application with a better framework and design.

Apart from this, it can also give you an online search engine credibility. Native apps do not have access to the URL while a Progressive Web Application holds a URL that can be easily viewed in a search engine. Thus, you can gain active users and other advantages.

No Installation

The native application utilizes a download platform, including iOS and Google Playstore, which goes through a tedious submission process. On the other hand, a Progressive Web Application can be downloadable directly to their device without a mediator platform. As the application is being installed on the phone so it gets a home screen icon as well as push notification similar to your native application.

No App Store Submission

As Progressive Web Applications do not need any iOS, Google Playstore platform, it also gets rid of app store submission. It is less time-consuming. In addition to this, the users can directly download updates without any approval from the app store. In this way, your app shall be instantly updated upon use and relaunched in the updated version.

Progressive Web Applications produce fresh web APIs, designs and frameworks for better user performance as well as for endorsing business products. It also averts the traditional app store platform by providing the same benefits on your browser. The web is the truest essence of application. It can be utilized in developing such applications that can not only improve but also build an amazing user experience. So if you are planning to go online, do consider getting a Progressive Web Application designed!

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