Smart Home misconception’s and its reality

Smarthome misconceptions

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Home Automation are gaining popularity like nothing now a days, similarly some smart home misconception’s are also gaining attention. Smart home devices are set of components that makes your home living simpler and there by providing comfortability, It will never be a threat to your life, unless you are breaking the safety/security precautions of Home automation like using cheap stuffs that don’t have any basic standards, using unreliable software’s that have no proper updates, etc. Here i am highlighting some of the common smart home misconceptions and its reality.

Some of the most trending misconceptions are :-

Smart Homes are not affordable for a common man

Most of us have a false impression about smart homes about its high cost and thought like its a luxurious thing not affordable for our budget.

Frankly speaking, Before it was not a cost effective option for an average person to afford smart homes due to its advent to the market. Its common, when there is no competitor the price will never go down. But now the things changed. Even a poor man can afford Smart home due to the innovative technologies and availability of quality Home automation products in the market at reasonable cost. Today you can even make your home smart by installing ready to use smart devices from the market and installing it without the help of a technician, but it has limits. (Refer Links at bottom of the post for site links to but smart devices)

Smart Bulb - Smart Home misconception's

Example : A Smart bulb, Just install the bulb like a normal one and pair your gadget for controlling. That’s all, you too become a proud owner of a smart home.

In the upcoming days, it will be an inevitable technology at our homes. Compared with the current living cost’s, A smart home can contribute more to your wallet by better energy utilization and there by peace of mind. Its a once time investment at the initial stage and you will get a worry free living environment. So think about your lifestyle betterment. just ignore those smart home misconception’s.

Smart homes are complicated, Hard to manage !!

Smart Home misconception's about managing it

That’s another great myth about the smart homes. Don’t think that you have to be a tech savvy to manage a home automation software. If you are capable to handle you smart phone, Ipad or computer, then managing your smart home is even more simple. Just say good bye to those smart home misconception.

With the latest user interfaces designed by the Smart home providers, its really simple and easy to control your home. A Single application can control your entire home, Like lights, thermostat, TV, doors, Security system, watering plants, etc. Even your 5 year old kid can manage your home from his finger tips. Application can be installed on your gadgets like installing an app from appstore or playstore. Even the configuration part is also simple (the provider will take care of it or refer the user manuals). Now a days most of these provider are offering their apps in many software platforms, so its easy for you to control your home from any of your devices.

These are implemented for an easier living, So It will never be complicated.

Is that looking into my privacy, another great Smart Home misconception ?

Saw some articles that all the smart home devices are always looking at your actions or voice. Please don’t thing that your smart home devices don’t have any job to do other than over looking into your privacy. It will never cross its perimeter unless you allow them to do. If they have mouth, you can hear them complaining about its 24/7 responsibilities that you assigned to it.

Even the voice assisted devices like Google Home, Alexa or Siri will wake up only when you call them with their wakeup word. More over this is your home, you are not disclosing any world trade secrets during your conversation. If this is the scenario, how can you reply on your mobile phone, is your mobile spying at you?. All these Devices are complying with our countries data protection policies, So don’t worry about your valuable privacy. Its safe unless you ask your device to do so.

Smart Home technologies are easily hackable compared to other network.

Another great point in Smart Home misconception’s, How about your wi-fi ? Is that easily hackable ?. Same like that its has its own security measures to keep their actions safe from intruders.

We cannot say its hack proof, depends on your irresponsible doings like customizing software or hardware without proper knowledge, Not updating the software or hardware when necessary, etc. may expose your smart home to hackers.

If some one wanna brake into your home, why they wanna try this way. Even more simpler way is breaking your window/doors.

It will make my beautiful home a mess? Do I need to break my walls for pulling cables?

Smart Home misconception's about wiring

Don’t think like that, you are not building a data center just for controlling your small home. It will never disturb the décor of your home. Now a days most of these devises are communicating wirelessly, its installation is so simple like hanging a clock. Just fix the devices and plug it into power, ignore those old days stories of pulling cables thru the walls or wiring across the rooms. This might be a big Smart Home misconception and also a big point that drag the common man from adopting a better living place.

Every Electronic Devices has its one pros and cons and its effects are depending on how you manage it. Hope this topic covers most of the home automation misconception’s, If you have any more to be added, please comment below.

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