Technology Maturity Featured Image

In this contemporary world, we, the human being has been dependent on technology in such a way the history of human race has never experienced before. The technology has done a string of such unprecedented works and rendered…

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Future Communication Technology – Beyond our expectations

Future Technology featured image

  Communication plays a pivotal role in relaying information between people. The past few decades have shown a tremendous change – from smartphones to virtual assistants, we have new techs available at our disposal to streamline our work…

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Web Hosting – Which one to Choose ?

Web Hosting Featured Image

As we all know, thousands of hosting providers offering different types of web hosting plans around the internet, which are confusing the fellow people. Keep in mind, not all the hosting types are alike, though the concept of…

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Smart Home misconception’s and its reality

Smarthome misconceptions

Home Automation are gaining popularity like nothing now a days, similarly some smart home misconception’s are also gaining attention. Smart home devices are set of components that makes your home living simpler and there by providing comfortability, It…

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Home Automation: The future has kickstarted

Home automation featured image

Imagine you can control your home from your mobile, tablet or your computer. You can turn on/off lights or A/C while away from home, watering your pet plants at home from your office, locking doors 1000’s of miles…

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