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Technology Maturity

In this contemporary world, we, the human being has been dependent on technology in such a way the history of human race has never experienced before. The technology has done a string of such unprecedented works and rendered such amazing opportunities to us which had been beyond our expectation even a couple of years back. Technology has set new benchmark in Airline, IT industry, real estate market, marketing management, e-commerce industry, banking system, Tourism industry CCTV Surveillance and even in household activities too.

The changes have come across all sectors in the form of living standard of people, medical care, prominence of digital communication, growth in employment opportunities, etc. It is only to technology that we can attribute these changes. My words will take a form of a mirror when I myself am the very definition of technology as you will be able to look at the technology in your passionate eyes.

Some of the Innovations that changes the Technology are :-

Air Travel

To start with, it is the technical innovation of the airline which has reduced down the distance between the places. As a result, travelling across the globe have been so affordable. We can cover the distance of thousands of kilometers in less than a day.

Search Engines

Let me proceed with another example, Technology has gifted us the pleasure of the entire virtual world within the confinement of our own comfort zone due to the invention of Search Engine such as Google. It made us omniscient as we can gain information, knowledges about any location, any product, any technology within a moment.

Developments in IT Industry

To continue with it, various fabulous smart phones with their extraordinary features have been affordable by almost every ordinary people with the advent of the development of software industry. We can go on having video conference abandoning the botheration of being highly paid and the development of IT industry should be worshipped for that. Both software development and the hardware development involved in the IT industry include everything from computer systems, to the design, implementation, study and development of IT and management systems. Owing to its easy accessibility and the wide range of IT products available, the demand for IT services has increased substantially over the years. The IT sector has emerged as a major global source of both growth and employment worldwide.

How Technology can Enhance the Tourism?

Similar example of development has been possible in tourism sector. Specially in developing countries like India tourism has become one of the major sectors of the economy, contributing to a large proportion of the National Income and generating huge employment opportunities. It has become the fastest growing service industry in the country with great potentials for its further expansion and diversification.

Its impact on Construction sector

Now allow me to knock on the door of Building Construction Sector. Due to the invention of advanced equipment, machineries, the execution of construction of various industrial and residential projects have been outstandingly convenient and time saving. For an example, earlier the long steel bars should to be cut, bend and installed by a group of labor manually, while today an advanced tech-savvy steel cutting computerized machine can keep on cutting and bending steel roads of various diameter automatically relieving the labors from excessively strenuous job. It has expediated the construction work ten times.

Banking Sector

To talk about banking system, for the past three decades banking system has experienced several outstanding achievements to its credit. It is no longer confined to only metropolitans or cosmopolitans. In fact, banking system has reached even to the remote corners of the developing and developed countries. This is one of the main reasons of the financial overall growth. The invention of various debit cards, credit cards, net banking, ATM’s, and mobile banking facilities have made this unprecedented financial growth possible. Moreover, a lot more innovative changes are gonna happen in banking sector, The upcoming one is application of blockchain in banking Sector.

Marketing Management

How can I skip the field of marketing management? The successful progress of any organization depends upon its employees ranging from low-level workers to high level management. The recruiting agency transformed this challenge into a fun-task due to a varied and widening network of skillful people.

In the field of security

Technology helped us a lot to secure our home, offices, even our data in many ways. With the help of data security software’s or Firewalls are securing us from the hackers.

Another important innovation is the invention of CCTV Surveillance system. It is an observational equipment. Once someone install a CCTV and set his cellphone with it, he can have an eye over this office environment or home sitting in a distant land and he can view the happenings inside his business facility without being physically present in his business arena. Should I not call that CEO an omnipresent then? Wherever he decided to open a business cell, he can and regulate that being absent.

Our Living Habitat

Let us talk about how much ease it has brought in household activities. The grinding machines can automatically convert the spices, vegetables to the paste. The air condition machine can create a cooling environment in a very hot weather in an extreme region. Adding to the excitement, an automatic kitchen can automate parts of the cooking process, keep you updated on the progress of your food, or simply make sure you’re following a recipe correctly because of the inbuilt sensors in it. Another significant invention is the Home Automation technology.

E-commerce Industry

The maturity of technology has given birth of e-commerce industry in our society. You wish to buy the cloths of your choice but lack of time doesn’t allow you to go for shopping. Then, E-commerce give you the option to choose and buy almost all right from the comfort of your home.

Global e-commerce websites amazed us by offering almost all the stuffs from Clothes to medicines thru online. There you have the privilege to customize or choose your favorite brands. The innovative electrical gadgets which you have never found easily in market are available here at a very affordable cost. what not are in your reach! This very e-commerce industry has given a birth of new generation entrepreneurs too. When doing business is convenient like never before, then there are no questions of maturity of the technological advancement.

Day to day technology is giving new opportunities. At the same time, up to some extend its destroying our valuable resources too on one or other way. Requirements and needs of humans are never ending. They always would prefer to go behind new technology. Assessing a technology’s maturity is always an ongoing process. It never ends, and also helps with the identification of process requirements for new technologies.

Technology is part of everyone life, which makes it great. But one must nevertheless take care to keep the focus over the natural aspects of life as well.

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