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Home Automation ImageImagine you can control your home from your mobile, tablet or your computer. You can turn on/off lights or A/C while away from home, watering your pet plants at home from your office, locking doors 1000’s of miles away from your home, etc., Don’t think I am talking about some Sci-fi themes movies. It is possible now with the Home Automation Technology.

Home automation is moving at a rapid speed without any signs of slowing down. Various factors have contributed towards the vanishing of older technology and coming in of newer ones. These factors often include cloud-based software applications, inexpensive hardware, and artificial intelligence. Nonetheless, integrated smart homes are further proving to be beneficial for users.

The home automation system has been on the trend for many years and has often taken over some of the important aspects of the house, such as temperature, door locks, window curtains, and more. In the initial times, home automation was more of a luxury. However, nowadays, most of the houses are implementing it, which is why it has become a common aspect. Why waiting to make your home a smart home?.

What is home automation? 

Home Automation refers to bringing automation in the house, preferably known as smart house. This will eventually help in having control over lighting, entertainment systems, appliances, and home temperature. Home automation also helps in increasing home security by having control over security alarms.

The home automation system connects devices to a central gateway to have control over them. The user interfaces for such a controlling system is automated over the mobile application, tablet, desktop computer, or web interface. These are also accessible off-site via internet connection.

Some of the prominent home automation systems include that of light controlling system, indoor positioning system, leak detectors, HVAC units, voice control devices, and more. Smart homes have not only enabled easy cooking but also helped to maintain an optimum temperature throughout the house.

Benefits of home automation

A lot of homeowners consider home automation as a way to stay in touch with modern technology. However, there are several other benefits that home automation serves. Some of those benefits include the following:-


Home automation will allow you to have control over the smallest of devices in your house. This further contributes to increasing safety. Having control over the appliances from any part of the house will enable you to switch it on and off whenever required.


Home automation gives you the ability to control most of the things around your house with a simple fingertip. Smartphones have become a necessity in our lives. Since we move around everywhere with our smartphones, we can easily monitor our house via the phone. This helps in ensuring that everything around the house is safe.


Security has always been a major concern for the homeowners. However, the coming in of home automation technology seems to have eased the entire process for them. The greatest benefit that home automation has bestowed on homeowners is the ability to close the doors via phone. This gives you peace of mind about the door being closed. However, you can also monitor the house regarding who entered and left from your phone while you were not there.

Saves Money

Since you have the entire control over light, you will be able to save a lot of money on your utility bills. If you have properly automated thermostat and temperature controlling systems, you will again be able to save a great deal of money. Also, if you forget to switch off the lights, you don’t need to go back home to get it done. You can easily switch them off via your phone. This will further help you in saving gas and eventually, money.

Home Automation Trends to Look out for :-

Home Automation has entirely taken over the market, and the popularity continues to rise. These innovations for home automation have been triggered by a lot of factors, aiming to make life easier for the people. Some of the prominent trends to look out for include

Voice assistants will take over

We have already seen a rise of voice assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri, but it is expected that in coming years, a lot of other devices with integrated voice assistants will be introduced in the market. A lot of devices such as Creston, Control4 offers you a wide range of options for controlling the home systems. Not only homes but in the coming years you may also be able to control your car for leading manufacturers are trying to embed their systems with voice assistants such as Alexa.

A focused design

Although people are concerned about improved technology and design, a lot of them are also looking forward to design. Therefore, experts are focusing on design, along with updated smart home technology. As a result, the audience may get to see an update with keypads, speakers, and even better-looking touchscreens in smartphones. Not only phones, but there will also be update with the design and decor of your houses as well.

Smarter Security options

It is 2019, and no one would like compromising on the security. Although home automation has brought about a significant change in security, further updates are being made for customer convenience. The integrated smart camera will make sure to keep a check on your house and notify you in case of any unusual activity. The homes will have smart sensors which will help to bring about change in the environmental conditions. The sensors will eventually update you even in case of a small change.

Hardware interfaces integrated with software

We are all aware of how the fountain drink machines work. One-touch on the screen allows you to choose from the different types of option available. The exactly same system will be integrated for homes as well. With a single switch, you will be able to have control over the major systems of your house, such as temperature, music volume, and lighting. That’s how smart home technologies are becoming popular by simplifying your routine jobs just with a touch on your gadgets.

More automation would come along

Initially, home automation was very expensive. However, over time, it has become extremely affordable, owing to the introduction of more technological devices. There will be different automation for different times of the day based on how you set it. Undoubtedly, it is now that you get to live in the future.

Home automation will help to bring around certain important changes in and around your house. If you have not yet integrated it in your house, you may prefer having it and enjoy the benefits of being a smart home owner.

Some of the top Home Automation providers in India are listed below :-

  1. Smartify.in
  2. Crabtree
  3. Z-wave.in
  4. Amieconnect.in
  5. Silvan.co.in
  6. Oakter.com
  7. Sharpnode.com
  8. Homebrain.in
  9. Thasmai.net
  10. Metagan.com
  11. Edomotics.com

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