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Delete your account

I know the title will make you speechless. If you feel like without having an online presence, you were not alive.  This post is not for you. Some of us even do like to be exposed online and feel a social presence as a curse. This post will cover some websites that will help you to delete your account.

Every website is having different procedures to close/delete/remove your accounts with them; some of them need unique authentication/verification methods to proceed with the deletion process. Whatever it may be.

For most of the websites registration processes are comfortable, they are making it easy to attract the customers, but closing/deleting that account is not that easy.

Here I am sharing some websites that will ease you in closing your online account. Moreover, they will share the detailed steps that need to follow from your end for deleting it yourself.


Account Killer Logo

This website will ease the procedure of account deletion; They categorized the types of sites into three. The first one is black; these category websites accounts are hard to deactivate/remove or need to do tedious tasks for deleting your accounts. The other two are grey and white; that’s a bit easy to transfer your accounts from these categories compared with the black.


Another website providing information to proceed with the steps to delete your account, compared to the first website, its database is limited to 100+ websites.

Mentioning some of the popular websites account deactivation/deletion page direct links below for your reference or use.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. Linkedin
  4. Microsoft
  5. Skype
  6. Yahoo
  7. Tumblr
  8. Reddit
  10. Netflix
  11. Spotify

Still, some websites like Wikipedia, WordPress, etc. won’t allow its users to delete their accounts.

Just closing / removing your account from a website won’t mean that all your data will be deleted permanently, most of the sites will keep some of your information.

It is on every website’s data about the website’s usage policy/terms and conditions section of their website. So, always be careful about their information usage policy on every site before registering, read it twice to stay safe online.


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